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Tbh I think Marceline knew they were there the whole time and was just fucking with them.

She is years old. She probably just goes with the flow at this point. The spider was my favorite part of that episode.

And Jake screaming silently. Mine's when Jake just turns into Finn chilling on the floor instead of hiding.

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Jake silent screaming is one of my favorite moments in the entire show. I love the meme where someone overlayed a dog whistle level frequency beep over when he silently screamed and I lost it lmao.

Check my profile and my last post, my Xbox pfp is literally that scene lmao, it still makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it. This episode is filled with gems.

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The part at the window when Jake pretends to be Finn's reflection is one of my favorite interactions. Found the internet!

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One of the best episodes ever. When the spider bit Jake lol.

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I have Jake disguised as Finn as a decal on the back of my car. Mine is the paper airplane.

This is my favorite episode! God bless his vergin eyes.

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