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Because of the internet's existence, nobody is safe and nothing is sacred, so here are the 16 daughters of notable politicians who have brought the drama. Some are fairly innocent, while others have good reason for being so controversial. To be fair, children of politicians can oftentimes find themselves in the limelight just as often as their parents when when they stray from being the perfect. Paparazzi, news reporters, and entertainment TV love to jump at any chance they get to dog on these .

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The other morning, after too little sleep and with too much to do, Jenna Bush Hager found herself dragging, and kicked herself for it. Ring a bell? I asked her and her twin sister, Barbara, what they made of that.

Jenna the irrepressible blonde. Barbara the reserved brunette. In that one exchange, the only two people alive who are both children and grandchildren of American presidents played to the stereotypes that they were ased long ago. But not during the rest of a recent lunch near their homes in downtown Manhattan.

From George W. Bush, who had always worked so hard on that Texas swagger? We only think we know the people who wind up, intentionally or not, in the spotlight. We categorize them.

Trivialize them. It will be published on Tuesday.

But they do make you question the caricatures that we blithely traffic in, the assumptions that we breezily make and our reluctance to allow for how much the objects of our curiosity can change. He skipped the trips to art museums that their mother, Laura, took them on when they were .

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That meant that he was flying somewhere. She and Jenna are now Barbara, for example, appeared in a video endorsing same-sex marriage back in Maybe one day she could be president.

Back then I was never formally introduced to either of them. But perhaps five years ago, Barbara visited me at The Times to discuss the Global Health Corpsa public-health analogue to the Peace Corps and Teach for America that sends more than recent college graduates annually into the most impoverished areas of the world.

She founded it, raised money for it, is its chief executive and spends plenty of time in those places herself. Their father opposed abortion rights but their mother stayed mum, vaguely identifying herself as pro-choice only after the couple left the White House. They discovered the bowling lane in the basement and, using the phone there, asked a staffer to bring them peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

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During his presidency, they spotted an anti-Bush bumper sticker with a withering put-down, and they not only told him about it but turned it into a running family joke. She would, too.

He brings them coffee in bed when they visit. They seemed to me a long, long way from Margaritaville. They show considerable restraint. They also show generosity.

So were their parents. Their grandparents. Their low-energy uncle, Jeb. It goes with the territory.