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Okay, so by now you may have heard Let's Stay Together actor, Christian Keyeshas posted a video to his Instagram boldly asking his gay fans to stop sending him private, unsolicited messages, and commenting about his appearance on his photos. Check out Keye's video below:. If I respect your truth… Respect mine…. Alright, so Keyes' delivery is a little aggressive. Immediately, he is concerned whether voicing his opinion on the topic is going to get him into trouble. Anyway, I'm rather on Keyes' side on this one.

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Did you confirm that it was actual people sending them?

They violating. Keyes is being a crybaby. Many black actors, mostly the well-known ones, tend to shy away from those roles. Really he does?

If so, that reaction from fans especially in our community, is not surprising especially if your good looking one at it! I guess a few fans were trying to pull a baller wolf, nice try!! I follow a few hotties on Instagram and always respectful to stay in my lane and never go beyond unless invited to. For now, I just click the heart symbol to tread lightly. He should know being a celeb your, have men and women in the comments and you continue on. I think that folks should calm down male and female.

I mean really? Who sends pictures of their private parts to strangers?!?! I have some sympathy for C. It must be a big problem if he had to address it. Twitter mail probably full of ashy titties and dry balls.

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Okay nude pics I understand. I block or will go off on anybody who sends me that shit. Its disrespectful. But compliments? LOL this dude reminds me of Baggy Large. Another guy who blocks men who give him compliments in his comments.

I never understood when guys do that, especially guys with a large platform. I personally never comment on these straight guys pics anyway their egos are far too ahead of them when most do the bare minimum.

Moonlight, Bird Box, The Predator etc. Mind you he said he started acting 5 years ago. As funny as I think this is I do wish the gays and also the black community would support people who support us. This man doesnt want or value our attention so lets place our attention elsewhere.

Christian keyes lays it on the gay community!

There are folks who dont mind compliments and likes from the gay community. If he has that much of an aversion to same gender loving then the minute you found out character is gay he shouldve quit. Honestly, he can play gay characters as much as he wants. Now you would expect not to have to tell grown people this but some folks are into fantasy so bad they just go crazy. I guess Ryan Reynolds is actually Deadpool off screen too.

We all know why some play gay characters.

As far as me reading back over and complimenting thing. Also looking at other posts. This C. Yeah, I think sometimes people forget that these are roles these individuals portray for characters, not how they actually live. It really made me think the same thing happens in porn. The majority might like it to the point where they get a kick out of dragging gay men along on their ego trip. You know the type.

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The mixed als type…when they just want your energy to feed their ego and they give you these als and stuff. Time to dump them on the spot. I do think there is a lot to unpack here. Jamari you need to stop Defending these straight men and Shaming gay men. I waited days to even listen to this fool because I knew the shtt that would fall out of his mouth would only anger me. He even acknowledged that the comments he was about to make would probably cause him some heat but went on to say the antiquated bigoted shtt anyway.

This includes celebs, family and work colleagues.

The point is, MEN are men whether they are gay or straight. I wonder how many heterosexual men will commit suicide from the online harassment they get from the gays in ? I began to follow his career ventures making efforts to seek out his work. However, after listening to his words, as with the recent video rant. I have basically taken a total turn.

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And make no mistake, Christians comment was definitely anti-gay; homophobic. Which is cool for him, he has that right. But his fans have even bigger rights when it comes to the success of his career. For years he ignored the dick comments,the bussy comments etc.

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He mentioned he has lots of gay friends,he regularly goes to dinner,strip clubs,etc. It seem to bother him that people thought he was homophobic. Menu Highlights from the current month. Search for:. Like this: Like Loading Author: jamari fox the fox invited to the blogging table. Dudes can be trash, gay or straight.

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Jamari you got the vixens bussin it open in DMs too!? That tickled me too much yo.

One of the new DC shows; legends of tomorrow. Not his midlife crisis having ass wannabe playboy. If you wouldn't say it on live TV with all your family and friends watching, without getting canceled or locked up, don't say it on here.

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