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It doesn't really matter what I write here. In fact, since I knew aFallout: New Vegas nude patch was inevitable, I pre-wrote this article a month ago. Instead, I'd like to inform you that the Back to the Future Blu-rays release today. How exciting is that?! You should know that it's the 25th anniversary of the series, and that thefilm's first time-travel takes placeon October 26th though it opens the day before, on the 25th.

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Fallout: New Vegas has the distinction of being the only Fallout game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, and it shows. While the initial release was plagued by game breaking bugs and horrific stability issues, Fallout: New Vegas is widely considered to be one of the best Fallout games ever made. With that said, Fallout: New Vegas was released almost a decade ago, and it shows.

How to install mods

The graphics were never considered cutting edge, even at the time of release, and a decade of texture mapping, lighting effects, and other graphical changes, has further aged the already dated graphics and game engine. Even at its prime, New Vegas was host to countless bugs and broken quests. Luckily, if you plan to delve into the blasted wasteland of post-apocalyptic Nevada, there is a host of mods that can really bring out the lustre of the well-rusted Fallout frame.

Like my Mod list, I will be breaking this list into sub.

There are quite a few mods for Fallout: NV though admittedly far less than Skyrimand putting them into a giant list with no organization would just be chaos. The of these mods will be:. As a side note, like last time this article will not be focusing on Adult Content mods. While some complete overhaul mods may offer nudity settings, the focus of this article is not to provide a list of mods focused on nudity or sexual activity.


If that is what you were hoping to find here, you will be disappointed. I am also not going to focus on rapid levelling mods, item spawning mods, or teleportation mods. Where to Download: Download Link. The first program you are going to need to install is the Fallout Mod Manager. What this program will do is help you install and uninstall the wide array of mods that I will be mentioning later in the video.

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While it is entirely possible for you to manually install each mod, the Mod Manager will make your life much more convenient. Seriously consider this program if you are planning on heavily modifying Fallout: New Vegas. If you decide not to go this route, you will be downloading the files for each mod individually. They will usually come in a zip file.

Then extract the mod file into your data folder and click yes when it prompts you to overwrite existing files. You will almost certainly run into mod compatibility issues.


If you are installing more than a few mods, this route will only lead you to sadness. These Mods range from adding a small area or a few quests to changing a ificant amount of the fundamental world, and in some cases, are essentially an independent game in their own right.

With that in mind, here are some mods that can add-to or completely change your experience in New Vegas. Image Source: Nexus Mods. Before we get too into this mod, I am aware that some people have stability concerns regarding Project Nevada. It will not work perfectly for everyone, and some troubleshooting might be required to get it to work properly.

It is worth it. Project Nevada adds a ificant amount of content to the game including but not limited to: Core gameplay features, cyberware, gameplay rebalancing, and new and modified equipment.

These changes generally make the game more challenging, although you can tweak the settings to your own specifications. This mod is a little more intensive to install, but there is a handy guide in the description of its Nexus. This mod could be considered to be an unofficial patch for the game. It adds quite a bit of new content and helps to fix up some of the broken things in the game. It can be used in concert with Project Nevada as well. Image Source: Nexus. World of Pain is a challenge mod that adds new areas to the game.

There are new quests, vendors, and a lot of extremely powerful enemies. I would recommend going to these new locations if you already have decent equipment. In addition this mod adds Mark 2 weapons and armor to the game in order to help you cope with the difficulty spike.

You are already well established as a courier, and it makes sense that others would contact you for that role. To that end you are hired to deliver a mysterious package. What comes next is up to you to discover.

Mods of the month

You take on the role of an entirely different protagonist from Vault 18 and your journeys will take you into the lands of the New California Republic. This is both a complete overhaul, and essentially an independent game. Follow the instructions for installation carefully so that it runs properly. This is a mod I have been following for a while.

It is still in development but it looks extremely promising. This independent campaign takes place in the northern frontier, far from the warm, blasted deserts of the Mojave or New California. This mod adds cold weather to the game, requiring you to battle nature as well as the Legion forces that are after you.

As the mod gets closer to release more details will follow. New Vegas Bounties adds a new questline for you to discover and a lot of murder for you to perform. Luckily most of the individuals you will be hunting are baddies with hefty bounties waiting for those who take them down. Make sure you grab the latest verisons of this mod, and you might need to pick up a special patch if you have other mods active, such as the inheritance.

Some of them are overpowered, some are flavour perks, and some are terrible, but all of them will impact the way you play the game.

This Mod adds an absolute ton of customization to your favorite weapons. It grants you the ability to add three applicable weapon mods to each weapon in the game, allowing you a nearly unprecedented ability to modify your loadout.

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It offers a highly customizable, clean, and well-organized UI for your trek across the desert. MTUI fixes up some of the user interface concerns present in older games. It changes ro, landscapes, trees, vehicles, buildings, interiors, and a lot of in-game objects. While it does not retexture the sky, NPCs, Clothing, etc. It is still a pretty vital facelift to the aged graphics of New Vegas.

From Sandstorms to Rtorms, Nevada Skies modifies the types, ificance, and aesthetics of weather effects in the game. Electro-City adds a ton of new light sources to the game. This mod works well in concert with other weather mods like Nevada Skies which darken the night. This mod focuses on improving the aesthetics of bullets, blood, explosions, etc. Basically, all of the visceral parts of combat in the game are overhauled, making them more realistic, violent, and spectacular. The plant life in vanilla New Vegas, is a little lackluster. This mod adds new trees and plants to the wasteland, giving it a more realistic and immersive experience.

You can customize how fertile the desert is, but in all honesty more plants are always better in my mind. The character models in New Vegas, like Fallout 3, are pretty old.

Even at the time of release they were not great. This mod attempts to fix the facial structure, hair, and other features of NPCs throughout the wasteland.

In addition it adds ificant wound graphics, and changes the aesthetic of corpses so that they no longer look like normal NPCs taking a nap. This mod is pretty simple, it removes the orange filter from the game. This creates a realistic environment for your trek through the desert. The mod should be used in concert with ENB of the Apocalypse, which is coming up next on this list.

It changes the graphics of the world to be both bleak and yet more beautiful. Like all Enhanced Natural Beauty Mods, this tries to bring a touch of photorealism into Fallout New Vegas and I feel it breathes some life into this aging game.

The outcome, much like ENB of the Apocalypse, is a bleak, but beautiful landscape. I do find that this particular ENB can look a little washed out at times, but it still improves the game ificantly. A problem plaguing a lot of shooters, is that guns sound and feel far less impressive than their real-life counterparts. For anyone who has been to a gun range, firearms are loud and most have some serious kick when shooting.

Fallout new vegas sex mods

Impact seeks to improve the look and feel of firearms in New Vegas, adding better damage decals and shooting effects. This mod really helps with immersion, as your player now has a body presence when in first-person mode. In addition it changes the camera angle from forced third person, during events where you are knocked down, etc.

This mod lets you create your own radio station with up to a song capacity. In addition it is required in order to use other custom radio stations that you can find on nexus. This audio pack is chalk full of creepy broadcasts if you want to really immerse yourself in the horrors of both the real world, and the world of New Vegas. It adds a pretty spooky atmosphere to the game, when listened to intermittently. Most games suffer under the fact that their guns sound weak and dull. With this mod you will be blasting away with the audio fidelity you deserve.

It immerses you in the true dangers of the desert and puts you on edge as you journey into danger. Conclusion This concludes the list of our favorite Fallout: New Vegas mods. If you are looking to further mod your game swing over to Nexus Mods where you can find the most popular and downloaded mods for Fallout: New Vegas. Also make sure you backup your game files before modding and check for any compatibility concerns for the mods you choose.

Good hunting.