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In my last fanservice review I asked for more Kirin service and I got two episodes with a focus on Kirin. With that perfect body and adorable face Kirin is as dangerous as Claudia. I will start the post with some jiggle just like how episode 7 started.

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How much ecchi is in this anim Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Available on Manga Store. Compare it to dxd and demon king Daimo?

Any boobs?? Not as much as DxD but there's still a bit of it here and there.

So there's nudity? And this pg 13 age rating is incorrect? Po0rt91 said: So there's nudity? Not as big as DxD or Shinmai Maou that have censorship lights and other things.

Probably some naked in underwear, but no complete nudity. Have you seen Blade Dance and Absolute Duo? These type of anime aren't that ecchi.

ature removed. Kruzy said: Po0rt91 said: So there's nudity?

Preview Manga Manga Store. Po0rt91 Offline ed: Jul Posts: Kruzy Offline ed: Jul Posts: No complete nudity. Just underwear and a little bit of fondling so far. Alright thanks BBCode.

Cyrih Offline ed: May Posts: Neygal Offline ed: Jul Posts: I don't remember any thing getting censored. All I remember were some tables covering they're backs, but I don't think that's censorship.

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Oh yeah, that's true. But the show is tv 14 on funimation website.

I don't think they would uncensor it. Maybe, but they usually uncensor thing in the blu-ray version so lets just wait and see BBCode.