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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Aug 21, by anonymous views 24 comments. It makes me horny. And I know he's seen me naked I wonder if it makes him feel the same way. I want to have sex with him. Oh Thankyou!

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Anyone here find your dad kinda attractive when you hit puberty and try and see him naked? My dad was only 16 years older than me, so when I was 14 he was 30 and I always jacked off thinking about him naked. Nope, definitely never jacked off to my Dad. From what I understand though, having awkward sexual thoughts about family members is surprisingly common, for all people, gay and straight.

I remember showering with my father when I was very little.

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I probably was under 5 or so. I recall pointing to his dick, which was over my head, if I recall correctly, and asking him what it was. He told me I had one too. I was confused, because mine was so undeveloped at the time. How many here use to shower with your dad when you were a kid, how old were you when you stoapped and did you like seeing your dad naked or were you grossed by seeing that he had church sex tumblr where you I hated my step-father with a passion.

Until I hit puberty and noticed that he was packin' some serious meat in those tightie whities he was forever walking around in. It's a hot topic. Keep it going. And yes, I saw my father naked when I was younger. And I always looked with lust.

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I had sexual thoughts about my oldest fire-crotched sister all the time once I saw her big red bush one day when she was getting dressed. Of course I was a super-horny early teen at the time and found ANY kind of real world nudity exciting. The Ws in R12 go all the way off the for me.

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By Joshua David Stein. Nudism black often does your whole family eat dinner together?

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Never or rarely. Get Fatherly In Your Inbox. Talk to Your Toddler Like This. My dad forgot to wash his own bedding during the fiasco so after tucking us into bed, he went back to work washing his sheets and bedspread so that he too could get some rest. We moved a lot throughout my childhood, but I remember the living room of the fly house quite well.

I can recall specifically the dark brown wooden baseboards, the off-white paint that covered the walls and the popcorn ceiling that see from beneath a low-end Home Depot light fixture from the 90s. The moon must have been full big boobvideo night, naked I remember the light your patches of the carpet glowing in its light.

A draft made its way between the windowpanes and the curtains were fluttering, which gave me dad creeps. I how my eyes as tight as I could and wrapped myself up in a freshly washed quilt. My eyes opened when I heard an indistinct noise. In the midst of my anxiety the curtains began to waft about again, but faster this time.

My sister Tiffany and my brother Billy were too. The fact that I was the only one awake freaked me out even more. As nothing scared me more than being alone in my own universe.

Complete isolation was my idea of the twilight zone and there I was in an isolated reality with glowing carpet and shadow dancers who were obviously trying to frighten me by appearing and disappearing across the length of the walls. I felt then that the house must certainly be haunted; if not by the thousands of dead flies whose carcasses I had so carelessly removed from the counters and floors, then by a human who lived here long before me.

I needed my baby blanket, but where was it?

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Normally when I was scared at night it was my baby blanket that I held close to calm me. I remembered then that it was probably in the sex porn italian load of laundry Beverly had put in the dryer. I was sure that if I went downstairs I would be able to find it, feel safe again and finally fall asleep. When I was younger, I saw my brother naked.

It's been a long time since then, though. Uhhh, six years old, I suppose. I'm 19 and have three younger sisters and somehow they don't seem to mind me seeing them fully nude all the time. Girlwithcooltats Xper 2. I've seen both naked numerous times and they've seen me naked and its fine really. What do you think of seeing them naked.

Girlwithcooltats would you check them out?

I saw my dad naked and i can't stop thinking about it!

Does it count if they were 3 and in the tub? I was giving them a bath?

It's not pleasant. Like I said, not pleasant. Xper 6. Yes I had seen but can't discuss them.

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Why not PM me we know each as text friends. You can't get to see your father naked. Or, thats incorrect, you can. But it is extremely gross that you actually want to! Most people including me would rather get raped ten times by a hedgehog than see their father naked. If you so badly want to see what youre gonna look like, go to the library and find a book about the human anatomy, or google male parts or whatever. Get naked yourself. Top 30 W nuda teen fuck com Indian bollywood sex scene Nude girls in the kkk pussy Hbo real sex one hour orgasm Nackt girls mit roller Rina kaif xxx photo Huge german boobs Electra porn pics Lesbian asshole licking Giant deepthroat Desi latest sex scandals U s a sexfull Eva green fully nude Adult nacket sexy man fucking with women picture Sabrina the teenage witch completely naked Trymycam R traphentai Nude women on vimeo G spot of girls naked Anya taylor joy topless Bottomless party nude Mirror real teen booty nude Free online swingers fucking Sexy kiss background Tamil actress nude Amy lindsay fully naked Actress katrina kaif image Finland small girl sex Innocent teenage porn gif Indian hot pussy fuck Sexy girls in jeeps Sexy blonde teen pussy Best porn stars of Naija hot xxx Lesbian anime hd Nikki sexx shower fuck Latnia booty dicks xxxgifs Lisa guerrero nude Solo male masturbation videos Mompov beth.

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Seeing your dad naked As nothing scared me more than being alone in my own universe. Fatherly When I was younger, I saw my brother naked.

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There are three of us and we have three of them, one apiece. My wife, on the other hand, has a vagina. This means that penises are one of the few things my boys and I share that my wife does not.

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My question, I suppose, boils down to this: Does dad have to wear pants? Let me explain. I am not what you might call a clothes-lover. Sometimes while taking a shower my mom comes in and goes pee even though you can see through the shower. Saudigirl I have not see her virgina since I was a little kid but if o was to would not bother me. I don't care if she sees me naked. The shower is distorted just enough but you can still see good enough to get off to looking at them if you wanted.