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Password Reset. Update. I received no payment for writing this story. Otherwise, read on! He held a test tube up to the webcam that he had earlier set up on top of the television. He was just switching the machine on when the doorbell rang. Phineas opened the front door to reveal a familiar face.

Ferb and I spent the first hour of the morning building a fifteen-foot-high statue of the Duke of Wellington out of marshmallows, but-" "The Duke of what, now? He defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, and he used to be on the British five-pound note. So what are you up to now? I can finish up here. Then he opened the lid and looked inside, frowning. The test tube is shattered. Then what? But why would it make you say that?

Maybe it interferes with emotions other than fear. I think the formula is keeping me from being afraid to tell you how I really feel. But maybe that explains it.

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Boy-girl love, I mean; I already know what boy-family member and boy-platypus love feel like. I was wondering why being dizzy and kind of queasy somehow felt good.

I have to check something. Then, strangely enough to Phineas, the smile returned to her face, brighter than ever. Then his face fell in realization. She moved closer to Phineas and planted a big kiss on his lips. It feels really nice. Wanna do it again? Suddenly, Phineas began to fall over backward. Isabella threw her arms around him just in time to keep him from landing painfully on the coffee table. They sat down on the couch and kissed again. This time, Isabella opened her mouth a little, and Phineas did the same. After nearly a minute, they broke off the kiss to take a breath.

What made you think of opening your mouth like that? And my first instinct is to kiss you some more. It seemed like a strange thing for his instincts to tell him to do, but who was he to argue with Mother Nature? She put her arms around him, pulled him down on top of her, and wrapped her legs around his waist. Me too. You know, by default.

Then she looked at him and grinned. Then she climbed onto him, straddling his hips. Instinct told her to move, to increase the sensation, so she began gently rocking her hips forward and back, rubbing her genitals against his. Suddenly, Isabella realized what her instincts were telling her to do next.

Then his face clouded.

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Phineas obliged. Once Isabella was free of her dress, she lay down on top of Phineas, savoring the feel of his bare chest against hers. His arms went around her, and she sighed happily. It didn't matter that it was am on a Thursday; it didn't matter that they were in the Flynn-Fletchers' living room; it only mattered that she was with Phineas, holding him, loving him up close instead of from afar. Soon, Phineas' hands began moving slowly up and down Isabella's back, exploring new territory. Isabella's instincts kicked in, and she started kissing Phineas' neck.

Soon, she was working her way up the side of it, kissing, licking, nibbling, growing more aroused by the moment. Let me His hands moved over her body more ardently now, covering every inch of her back and then moving down to grasp her little bottom through her panties. The sensation made Isabella lose control, and where she had been nibbling on Phineas' neck, she bit him. Isabella pushed herself up.

I didn't mean to hurt you. Well, mostly," he said, rubbing his neck. Isabella could say the same. Here she was, alone and half-naked with Phineas, and she was turning cannibal? What kind of instinct was THAT? But she knew that wasn't it. She just wanted Phineas so much that it felt like she needed to devour him. Now they could look at each other's bodies, and each had a hand free to touch with.

Phineas reached over and put his hand on the side of Isabella's face, then moved it down her neck, over her shoulder, and to her chest. Isabella gasped as his fingers brushed over one of her slightly puffy brown nipples.

Phineas ran his fingers lightly over her nipple, moving in a little circle. Breathing hard, Isabella used her free hand to caress Phineas' chest and side. Then Phineas' hand slid slowly down her stomach, over her cute, circular navel, and cupped her private place through her panties.

Isabella felt a rush of feeling down through her stomach and into her groin. Phineas moved his head closer. She cried "Oh! In response, Phineas' free hand moved to Isabella's back and inside her panties to fondle her bare bottom. It was like her whole world was nothing but Phineas and the sensual pleasure he was giving her. He pulled away and looked in her eyes. She pulled off her underwear so fast she nearly ripped them. Then her fingers ed Phineas' in fumbling at the button and zipper of his shorts and then yanking them down along with his Spider-Man briefs.

They took a moment just to look at each other. What was happening was almost literally incredible, and they both wanted to take the time to grasp it, to appreciate it.

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She had never imagined that this would happen any time soon. It's like I can barely control them.

Isabella wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her tongue into his mouth to wrestle madly with his. Her instincts were practically screaming at her: hold him tighter!