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One was its sheer garishness, and the other was because the unknown artist depicted diminutive Mickey Rooney all swoll up like a Marvel Comics superhero. It just screams cheeseball classic, so we had to check out the film, which is known in English as 24 Hours To Kill.

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Lex barker tackles tarzan … part 1

Thanks Poseidon! Enjoyed this immensely! Mike Henry gets my vote here. I think this would be a great time for "sexy Jesus in a loincloth" pictures, seeing that this Sunday is the Hunky Jesus contest in San Francisco. Anyway, thanks so much1. I definitely felt a stirring in my loins! Thanks Poseiden. Happy Easter.

So much to say, where do I begin? Lex Barker is definitely sexier than Mr. Christopher Plummer I'd pounce, but I have to stop snickering first. That's a pretty lame get-up. But not as lame as Sean in Zardoz!!!

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I've always thought a pony-tailed James Bond in diapers would be sort of arousing. Turns out, it isn't!

Of course, it's still sexier than that Stacey Keach look! As for Spartacus himself, well, I guess it's safe to say I know where he hid the potato! I could go on commenting about some of the other shots Suddenly, I want to go create some makeshift loin cloths of my own.

Tarzan's savage fury us poster art top from left: dorothy hart lex barker tommy carlton movie poster masterprint (11 x 17)

I think a couple of Kleenex and some dental floss will suffice. Will let you know how it turns out! Well that's a wonderful way to start the day! So many lovely pictures of scantily clad men. While I've always considered TV Tarzan Ron Ely the sexiest one, probably because I grew up watching him, all these gents more then fill the bill. Glad you included John Terlesky, I've always found him very attractive, not that he had a big career but he made an impression in Lex barker naked Deathstalker movie. He moved into directing years ago so who knows what he looks like now but when I see his name pop up in the credits it takes me back to scenes such as the ones you included.

A marvelous collection, Poseidon. I'm always hungry for some juicy sir-loin. Before the Production Code, not only Weissmuller's loincloth was skimpier, but Maureen O'Sullivan or her body double swam in the nude in the movie.

I also grew up watching Ron Ely as Tarzan; I didn't even know there were other Tarzans until much later. Reading this post I couldn't help thinking of Marc Singer in Beastmaster. His costume wasn't very revealing, but he still looked hot. Your delicious blog often brings out the beast in me, and this post is no exception, Poseidon!!

Hollywood hunks laid bare: ss

I would only add to your bevy of beefcake my personal favorite Tarzan, Ron Ely I always wished his attire was a bit briefer, though! Maybe that's why he didn't make the cut? I thought the comment about "the first Tarzan with chest hair" was interesting. For me, there's nothing sexier than a man with chest hair. But it seems like even now i.

With a few exceptions, Hugh O'Brian, some William Holden, Guy Madison it seems actors were required to severely curtail any physical of masculine development. Were audiences so susceptible to sexual stimuli back then that they would have run crazy through the streets if they saw a hairy guy onscreen? Thank god Sean Connery was allowed to reveal himself in all his glory in the early movies and not forced to be shaven!

A, glad you enjoyed this!

Lex barker

Mike Henry was a scorching Tarzan, I must agree. And even though I myself wouldn't be offended, I still hesitate to profile sexy Jesuses especially since most of the loincloth action takes place prior to a during the Crucifixion! I remember avoiding that one because a the man was Ted Wass and b he seemed to be fully-clothed throughout anyway? Knuckles, Chris Plummer's tribute here has some color shots of him in his skimpy get-up and also from the underrated "Fall of the Roman Empire!

Joel, you weren't the only one to mention Ron Ely. I have featured many photos of him over the years here, notably in the comic book covers posts. Armando, that swim you refer to is neat to watch now, since it was pre-Code. Amazing the way movies buttoned up after that. I did a post once about Phallic Symbols and Marc Singer and his sizable sword showed up a few times in that!

His loincloth was certainly one of the most low-slung of the classic era! He's been shown in many photos here, even in one post on bulges when you can make a flap Lex barker naked leather bulge out, you're doing well for yourself!

Sowhatelse, I missed you as I was responding to the comments while you were leaving one. I agree with you wholeheartedly! From a personal standpoint, I like my hairy chest because it contours my torso and helps diffuse potential figure flaws LOL - such as NO muscle definition to speak of! Of course, if you are "ripped" with musculature, you may think that hair interferes with the showing off of it.

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For my taste, now and forever, Clint Walker is the standard bearer and refutes any such nonsense by merely showing up somewhere shirtless Ah yes, Marc Singer. It was culture I tell you!

The post Loincloths was fun. Maybe you might do Part 2 in the future.

Post a Comment. Today's photo essay will be examining that cinematic staple of the loincloth. In some ways it will be "brief" yet in others it will "hang on" as I've been known to do! While its certainly not an inclusive collection, it contains most of the examples that have hit my own consciousness over the years along with other discoveries. See if any of them happen to be favorites of your own.

Our cover boy today is the most famous movie Tarzan, Mr. Johnny Weissmuller. It stands to reason that a post about loincloths would include plenty of Tarzan. I've touched on the topic of that character before and have also had many photos over the years of comic book covers that feature some of the actors who portrayed him. Still, there is always more water from that well, so I'll post some more today.

As I say, Weissmuller was the most prominent movie Tarzan and still is to many people. His costume early in the series was skimpy, with just a string across the waistline until the Production Code was established, whereupon it began to cover more and more. He and Maureen "Jane" O'Sullivan had considerable chemistry together and created some erotically charged moments in the early films that later gave way to corny, campy bits.

Weissmuller's replacement in the series was the delectable Lex Barker. Often noted as the first blond Tarzan, Buster Crabbe had done a serial ly looking utterly adorable and his hair was somewhat blond, too. None of Barker's Tarzan films were in color, but judging from comic book covers like these, he'd have been devastating! He did get to film some of his jungle exploits in color and was successful in the role.

Semi-nude candid photo of lex barker as tarzan gay int.

I love this bun-revealing publicity photo of Scott. Handsome Mike Henry came next with a thankfully abbreviated loincloth and a trimmer, though still muscular, physique. Henry is noted as the first Tarzan with a hairy chest. Nevertheless, the athletic Miller still looked pretty good in his loincloth, don't you think? The franchise lay dormant after that for many years and then inJohn Derek directed a softporn-ish rendition of Tarzan, the Ape Man centering on his wife Bo Derek as Jane Lex barker naked with Miles O'Keefe as the man of the wilds.

Lord, even the poses for publicity material have a porno-ish aspect to them. Admit it, you've seen this look before! A far more literate approach to the story was taken in 's Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzanwith Christopher Lambert in the title role, though that movie also had its share of issues. How many of you recall that Johnny Sheffield who played "Boy" in some of the Tarzan movies later had his own series of movies as Bomba?

Made on a shoestring, with plenty of bad acting and cardboard sets, Sheffield himself was nevertheless quite appealing. This is a young Beverly Garland acting opposite the loincloth-wearing hero. Although his naturally curly hair is cute, for me its something about Sheffield's gentle speaking voice that is so appealing.

You'd have to see him in action and here it to know what I mean.