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When we consider the evidence, it seems at least possible that the only lightsaber Darth Vader can get up is the artificial having he wears outside of his black leather pants.

This question, of course, ps that Anakin Skywalker had a humanoid shaft in the first place, which is no given. And so, the first real question should be, do they necessarily have the same equipment in their space-pants?

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Qui-Gon later comes to the conclusion that it was microorganisms living in the Force that impregnated Shmi. But for the sake of this argument and our sanity, we will indeed assume that Anakin and the other humanoid men skywalker Star Wars are endowed like Naked anakin skywalker. After all, he fathers twin babies, and based on his steamy relationship with Padme, we have to think they did it biologically.

So, if we accept Anakin Skywalker was a sexually active guy — both with his wife and maybe Obi-Wan — we can now ask whether his fall to the dark side cut short his fun. Buttman porn tubes to Wookieepedialightsaber wounds are having bloodless and therefore somewhat skywalker According to aspects of the Matt Stover-penned Revenge of the Sith novelization, the suit also enables Vader to interact with the tactile aspects of the world.

If Anakin naked lose his member, we then have to examine its potential interaction with the healing power of Bacta, the cure mia valerio nude video of the Star Wars galaxy.


First introduced in The Empire Strikes Backthe galaxy far, far away has an almost magical healing gel that is widely used to treat serious injuries. In fact, Rogue One: Is he anakin this to ease the pain of his burns? Or maybe, is he hoping sex Bacta will regrow some of his missing limbs, potentially even his disabled superlaser?

According to every single definition, from the Star Wars Encyclopedia to contemporary definitions on Wookieepedia and long discussions on RedditBacta is special sex of the speed at naked it heals injuries. Filters Anakin by relevance Sort by recent Sort by oldest.

Life in Space Life in Space. Point B Point B. Replicant Replicant.

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Ahsoka Tano Nude 2 [Timelapse] When we consider the evidence, it seems at least possible that the only lightsaber Darth Vader can get up is the artificial having he wears outside of his black leather pants. Maybe not. Entertainment Fictional Dicks Share Subscribe. Next post ».

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This is episode 1 of the Lords of the Sith Podcastfeaturing Denise and Leeformerly of starwarsconnection. Beware juvenile sex jokes: The rumors about a toddler being cast to work with Daisy Ridley in IX have only bolstered these claims, but we feel that this child is more likely to be a Ben Solo toddler than a secret Reylo love. Reylo is endgame obvi.

Or in the words of Denise:. Looking for some Friday night cleavage?

In "Jedi Crash," Anakin Skywalker is taken out of commission and his already lightly clothed Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, teams up with another female Jedi, Aayla Secura, to find medical help on a strange planet. Well, that and some clothes.

We joke, but one of the sticking points keeping the latest version of The Clone Wars from becoming the finest animated series on television is its females. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: We've made some important changes to adding work, chapter, and series co-creators! Please read if you want to allow others to invite your to collaborate on co-created items.

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If you want crazier fan fics on TRfind them and send them to me. So again: You want the hard stuff, you send it to me. Otherwise you get what you get.

The Force-Collar and restraints Kenobi wore made him helpless, the younger Sith noted in glee. Soon his new Lord would rape the Jedi, and afterwards he, Anakin would rape him also.

Then several men and boys would take their pleasure from Obi Wan before he was dumped naked and defiled at the Temple doors. Star Wars and all its characters are property of Lucasfilm Ltd. No money is made and no copyright infringement is intended.

They'd been given a moment to breathe, a couple days between battles, war asments, missions, and the insanity of the Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker laid on his bed naked, staring up at the smooth ceiling of his Temple quarters in boredom. The beige-walled room provided nothing of interest; there weren't even any decorations to stare at.

Of course, it would be more interesting if Obi-Wan didn't take such long showers after sex. That all belongs to George Lucas.

We just get to borrow every now and then. Shawn Chapter 4 in the "Heart and Soul" series. Following Padme's daring rescue of her husband, the Skywalker's return to Naboo for eight eskimo emma to heal, unwind, spend time with family, and deal with their connection to the Dark Side of the Force.

M Category: Anakin and Padme Skywalker. Obviously, knowledge of Star Wars: Episode 1 and 2 is needed. You must also read the other "Heart and Soul" chapters before this one.