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Lacey, who was challenged to survive by herself in Africa for 21 days, still has flashbacks about being cold and alone in the African savannah. Mental toughness will also play a key role in making it through the day challenge alone. Lacey, an Army veteran who was deployed to Iraq, is no stranger to rough conditions. She grew up on a remote island off the coast of Maine without any running water. Completely alone, Lacey is pushed to a breaking point where madness awaits on the other side.

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Everyone else makes sense. Is it a drama thing? Maybe she will prove me wrong and she will turn out to be a decent person this time around, but I seriously have my doubts. Laura is really a legend.

She's almost in a league of her own. If you have to ask "Is it a drama thing"?

With Discovery, it certainly is. I'm sure the producers wanted at least one unproven survivalist in there both to push them harder, and to create a challenging dynamic for those that have excelled. I found it notable that they only were able to get 5 women to participate. Disregarding the personalities completely, it seems that they had to take whoever was willing to come along.

Sixty days sitting in a mosquito swamp has to be a pretty hard sell, especially for people that have successfully completed the XL's and don't really have anything to prove. I think for Jeff and EJ is about building a brand name for themselves. It's asking a lot to take people away from their loved ones for 2 months in the middle of a pandemic.

Most people have loved ones they are worried about, and if you're a parent to young kids, that's a long time to be away from them. I can imagine there were probably at least a few people who declined the invite to be on this season of XL.

The ship has sailed on harmonious camping where experienced survivalists show viewers their craft. NAA has never been about showing us how to build shelters, make traps, or hunt. Dirty naked people fighting and suffering sells commercials for Discovery. If you want real bushcraft, watch uTube. I miss the Dual Survival series. Cody Lundin was right.

Lacey jones’ age and profession

I think logistics have a lot to do with selection. This is a fair point actually. For Lacey, she owns a gun shop with her hubby, so she can easily take time off. I always wondered the same thing about Honora. She had limited skills and was a mental wreck in almost every adverse situation. Was she the one who threw the tools in the river in the first xl? Didn't she also fake her illness to get out of her first day challenge?

Why she ever came back, I'll never know Because it without these personalities the show wouldn't be as entertaining for a ificant amount of people. Check out her blog where she rips Discovery a new one and talks crazy shit.

Lacey jones: where is she from?

Lacey mentioned 3 challenges she had been in, then said the one that cut her down was Louisiana. She had tapped out 3 out of 4 times. Everyplace cuts her down. Found the internet!

Lacey jones does whatever she has to do to survive

XL 7 - why Lacey? Posted by Fluent in Impala.

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Nah, they needed a villian. Continue this thread.

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What episodes is Honora in? More posts from the nakedandafraid community.

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