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Being so addicted to hot male ass and craving it, day in day out, has its consequences. After a few more months, he invited three blue-collar guys from the company Ben Kane, Koby Lewis and Lewis M to lend him a hand so that the damn thing could finally be done!

As luck would have it, these 3 blokes were not only hot and sexy, but they also turned out to be horny like wild bunnies. When the house owner left the house and left them unsupervised, they decided to have some fun with one another. When the home owner returned, he could do nothing else but take his phone and record the whole thing for us to watch. Three horny, high-testosterone blue-collar decorators, wearing nothing but their overalls is a fantasy cum true for many.

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Only then will he off on the job. Handsome hung blue-collar worker Hal works as a Construction Worker. He was born in Colorado and he grew up in San Diego. Hal is definitely your typical All-American Hunk, complete with sexy ripped body, hairy chest and legs, muscular chest and 8-pack abs. Hal also sports a perfectly shaped 7,5-inch throbbing dick to match!

We loved watching him walking around the garden with that big stiff dick pointing straight to the skies! Hal admits that he is an exhibitionist, and he loves showing off his bulging biceps and strong back muscles for the camera.

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We loved how this strong straight hunk is shameless about showing off his powerful muscular body for the camera. He first came to Hawaii when he was just 20 years old because he was an avid surfer and wanted to make most of his life. We could tell many other such sexual stories that Hal confided to us. For example, once he used to jerk off in his living room window when his parents were away, in full view of the totally shocked neighbors, while the MILFS in his neighborhood were passing walking their dogs! I definitely liked turning them on!

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Watch them as they do their usual chores against the stunning backdrop of Hawaiian nature! Lloyd is a young and cute straight guy who works as a mechanic.

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We loved when he took a set of weights and started to work out outside on the deck — his cock fully erect throughout the workout session, of course.

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His cockhead would reach all the way up to his navel! He loves playing with his dick while working out, obviously. Lloyd poses naked, works out and flexes his young muscles while working with the power drill. Lloyd then gets on all fours, with his butt turned towards the camera, and starts working.

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It was very vocal! He kept at this crazy cock-stroking pace until he finally shot his load… which was also a sight to behold. His entire body shook and then he finally releases the long pent-up load! There were gobs of sticky cum all over his thighs and hands after he came.

The director asks him to stand up so he can take some more photos of his cum-drenched body. With his cock still fully erect, Lloyd stands up and flexes his muscles! Lloyd then he straight to the shower while his cum still drips off his cock. He lathers up his body, paying special attention to his cock and bubble butt. The director gives Lloyd a gentle encouragement to show off his butt again for the camera, and Lloyd quickly obliges.

His boyhole is now completely clean and dripping with clean water! If you like young Twinky Daddies who work as Blue-collar workers you will definitely love this video of young Dad Lloyd. Lloyd was actually just being himself all the time, and we really liked his spontaneity and quality of being genuine and natural. Straight dude Dominik is a brawny, tough-looking mechanic.

How many of us have dreamed about being fucked by such a hot, masculine mechanic after he finishes working on your car!?

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This begs the question… what took him so long to apply for a job in the porn business? Dominik says that, although he is straight, he can be flexible with his partners as long as he gets to be the top in charge. For the time being, though, we shall certainly enjoy in his casting video and jerkoff session!

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He works as a HVAC installer. His body is fit and smooth, and his butt his firm and muscular.

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