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Ah, the allure of a cabin with a balcony: They say once you've tried it, you'll never go back. Fresh ocean breezes. Coffee and a morning newspaper on your very own swath of decking. Perfect views of sailaway each day. What's not to love?

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By gaubowFebruary 19, in First Time Cruisers.

Just curious what the general feeling is about nude sunbathing, or just being naked on your own balcony while at sea Is it just your balcony and you should be able to do what you want as long as it isn't disruptive to the neighbors? And no, this doesn't apply to being in port I just wonder if people can see into your balcony Some balconies are shielded more than others If other people can see you, I would tend to say it would not be appropriate Some balconies aren't even big enough, or get enough sun for sun bathing Yes, your neighbors can and probably will be able to peek around the balcony divider.

Plus, there's not much sun on the balconies--each deck is shaded by the one above.

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You may get sun early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky. And do watch out for the maintenance crew--they sometimes drop out of nowhere, to do painting, cleaning, etc It's up to you if you want to go "au naturel" on your balcony--but do it knowing that you may be giving someone a show! Your neighbours can very easily glance around the side, or down from the deck above and see you in all of your glory. Those balconies aren't private!

Cruise: why you should never do this one thing on your cruise ship balcony

Now sound travels really well on those balconies, so you would probably hear your neighbours when they come outside and you could throw on a towel or robe There hasn't been much sun on most of our balconies. At least not for long periods of time. And unless you have a large balcony stateroom, you really don't have much room for laying Ships also have security camera looking down the sides of the ship, recording Nothing is sacred.

Also, even if you are the only ship in port, some ports have webcams that can be zoomed I guess that is my real question. I can just assume that if I am getting changed or whatever with my curtains open, then I am fair game even for such cameras?

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So the balcony really isn't private, and it sounds like my room may not be either. From neighbors, to crews working on the ship to in-port cameras there may be no secrets Another thought would be to check out the ports of call for that kind of beach. Haven't seen totally nude, just topless. To the OP, assume you can be seen if your curtains are open, also some ships have adult only sunbathing decks some are topless some are top and bottomless. Of course if you care if you are seen that doesn't help much either. On some ships the dividers between balconies are semi-transparent, sort of a corrugated clear plastic or mottled plastic.

It isn't perfectly clear or perfectly transparent, but kids or some curious person could see a blurred image. We cruised on the Freedom, and the balcony dividers are translucent. They are also easily peeked around. Little kids are notorious for being peeker-arounders, and their parents probably don't want them getting an eyeful. I second the no-sun thing.


Balconies are in shade most of the time. We didn't have a "suit optional" area on that ship either.

Cameras can be anywhere I just figure "an hour to avoid tan lines, forever on YouTube. Your best bet if you like nude or seminude sunbathing is probably to find a clothing-optional beach at a port of call.

There are also some angled balconies on some ships - standing at the railing on of those you can see down the other balconies and other balconies can see your balcony. Then their parents ought not let their children go "Peeking" into other peoples private space. If your balcony isn't very private, IMHO, you should not be nude out there. However, if you have walls between you and the next balcony, and one can not see easily from above and below, I say "go for it.

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If someone is going to lean way out, or over, or down, to peek in your balcony, I say, THEY are the problem, not you. If they peek, smile nicely. My boys are grown now, but I do know what it's like to have young children. While I think someone sunbathing nude should not do so if they don't have decent privacy, I can not think of a single instance where it is excuseable for to go around peeking either.

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Parents have to teach their kids to not do that. And they also have to expect their kids on occasion to be just too curious, mischeivous or stubborn to obey. If my boys would have peeked around the divider, I would have punished them, and appologized profusly to the folks on the next balcony.

If there were no privacy between the balconys, I suppose I would have tried to ask the folks next door if they knew when they wanted to do that, so we could leave. But generally that just gets you told where to go, in no uncertain terms. Balcony etiquitte sp is no looking around the deviders.

DW and I do it all the time and no one has ever "peeked". We usually get a bucket of beer from the lido deck and then enjoy some quiet time there. Depending on the time of day, you can get tanned on your upper body. Keep a towel handy just in case.

It's your balcony, do what you want. As long as you have a private balcony that isn't open to public view, go for it We have had one of the angled balconies - in fact we choose it because it is a larger balcony and can hold a lounge chair besides the two regular chairs. On those angled balconies, you don't have to lean way out - you can just stand at the railing and see the other balconies as your balcony does stick out and is angled towards the other balconies.

I never sit naked on our private veranda wife says it scares the dolphins away. I have fallen asleep in the early morning in undies and woke up to see ship was in port and the docks were crowded.

Helps when ing or reaffirming your membership in the 'balcony club' On Voyager last week, we had a balcony with solid walls. At night time, of course, it would be no problem, if you are into nude sunbathing in the dark. This video is all about YOU! First Time Cruisers. Nudity on the balcony Share More sharing options Followers Recommended Posts. Posted February 19, Thanks Leaving on Freedom Sunday wahoooooooo! Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options JanineM Posted February 19, Don't think you will find it very relaxing.

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