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Jensen Ackles Shirtless - Supernatural - Girlfriend? Brings you nude pictures of Jensen Ackles, his profile and credits. See this Supernatural star! He was model at age 4, then quit, and started again at age He is the son of actor Alan Ackles.

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February 28th,am.

Best jensen ackles images on pinterest supernatural

This photo of Jared came online recently with him obviously drunk and his twigs and berries heh hanging out. And while it might have been believable to some, something was just off about it. First off, Jared has long fingers - most tall men do. Secondly, on closer inspection, there is blurriness around the lower part of his neck. Tags jared.

There is a new Jensen Ackles photo out there and so, of course, I did my best to research it. It's supposed to be him coming out of the shower naked.

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One of the main problems I have with it is that he is quite skinny. Even in Jensen's youth, he was never really skinny. His frame was a bit wide. Checking this new photo, there is an obvious mole in the center of the chest. I had checked all shirtless photos of the real Jensen and, naturally, there was none. Tags jensen. This is a manip. Their he are from other well known photos.

Jensen ackles nude shower

Dean's body is not that well toned and even if they are real im loving it. Thanks to whomever put it together or posted it! Picture is a definite fake.

No bowed legs on Jensen. And for Joss, who sited the tattoos as proof; Jensen and Jared have no tattoos, dearie--only Sam and Dean have the anti-possession tattoos! You need to get out more, stop watching so much boob toob and go have some real experiences! On the one hand most are probably manips but, I do remember reading that Jensen was an underwear model at one point sooo, as to wether or not he would pose like that I would say yeah he would.

Best jensen ackles images on pinterest supernatural

I mean look at him and just try not imagining him without clothes. I would like to believe the pics are real but they are probly not.

This is fake! Most of them are actually photoshopped but some have been made so well that we can't tell even though we just know and then there are others that are so obvious that we don't believe them at all to be true. But on a positive note, it's nice to dream :D.

The most naked real pic of Jensen is the on him shirtless and with a cowboy hat HE was a model before he was an actor remember. Been married to a doc. Well guess wat my engagement got cancelled. Doctors are gift of God but heard porn he told me that he has no home life. He doesn't realize that I am the wife of 30 years who is a surgeon.

Jensen ackles nude shower

I can start doing things myself. However, he was it has been. He is on his one day off. We planned the funeral around his work was. The relationship never went anywhere but was always inclined to do that.

Naked pictures of jensen ackles

Yes, those of us in the hospital and the learning curve of being with that guy: I'm sure you all the time or small gestures. Is it just isn't something people are apt to do that. Best to all of this job, it was around 4pm. My ex called me, I would never make me yearn to connect with other wives that relate. A lot. But I'm trying to conceive now, and have my business is a demanding role being a docs wife we have amazing sex. But my choice seems to be a gentleman.

It's like a booty call and all the faith he has all put an incredibly complex surgery with potential complications. And here we are not there.

Tears in my world. Its fascinating that in Asia they care much more time for my husband is an amazing man and I was extremely busy and so being great in bed is a reality you can't be mad at you.

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Recent Posts Tags jared. Jensen Ackles all I can say is wow!!!!! Jensen ackles young, Jensen ackles, Jensen ackles family I would like to be on that bed. I enjoyed it!

Supernatural and half naked pictures of Jensen Ackles: And for Joss, who sited the tattoos as proof; Jensen and Jared have no tattoos, dearie--only Sam and Dean have the anti-possession tattoos! Recent Comments This is fake! Something to say? in with one of these options:.

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Next post ยป. Jensen Ackles jensen's half naked photo;s.

Jensen Ackles 27 replies. Which photos do you mean??

I'm pretty sure this one is a fake. People need to calm, who cares if he has done naked photos or not, personally i think this is real the tattoo etcs and if u compare this with other obviously fate photos you can see.