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At this point in my career of professional Kardashian reportingI know Kendall Jenner's nipples better than I know myself. That girl just isn't living her most authentic life unless her boobs are on full display for at least 17 out of 24 hours in a day — and for that, we are thankful.

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From prudes who hate public breastfeeding to cowards who want to confine them to porn sites, society has a problem with women showing their bare breasts. Today Tab readers and writers celebrate their nipples as a part of their body, not a sex object we should be ashamed of. I call bullshit.

Nipples are a beautiful part of the natural female body and society should embrace that. I get mine out all the time and no one seems to care.

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Free the nipple and stop the madness. I want to be free to open the door in my panties -just like my ex used to do.

I want to be free to go to the toilet during the night without having to search for a T-shirt to chuck on -just like my male housemate does. I am the only person who has the choice to sexualise my breasts no one else.

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The fact that women and men are both allowed to vote but both cannot bare their chest in public is simply dumbfounding. Viva la nipple! Yet some people are determined to ban women from showing a normal part of their body to their friends.

Why should we as women or human beings need to be covered up? By submitting this I will truly feel like my first step has been taken to finally accepting my body for what it is, beautiful. Sorry Dad. Why is there censored nipples and uncensored nipples? Why should my bare skin be offensive to anyone? A woman should not be robbed of the right to go topless due to the relation between breasts and sexuality. Should a man have to wear a crop top? Then why should a woman. Female censorship is NOT equality.

Double standards are not okay and people deserve to be treated fairly without the patriarchal bullshit of this society. Stop making me embarrassed to take my top off just because men get aroused looking at a part of the anatomy. You know who else has nipples?

Your mum. Your grandma. Your granddad. Even on nudist beaches women with their tops off are gawked at and condemned by society.

No man is ashamed to show his nipple in public so why should any woman? Preaching it — freethenipple.

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My week without a bra. What happened after my boobs went viral. The Tab. I believe very strongly in equal rights for men and woman and the unnecessary sexualisation of the female body, especially the nipple. The best way to get equality-start with fairness. Why should a woman be bullied into covering herself to avoid causing a scene? Men can and do go topless and no one thinks anything of it-why should gender determine what a woman wears?

When I go out, I have to cover my chest to avoid rude comments or males trying to physically grab me, which has happened several times and caused me to become more self-conscious than I already was. Why should I feel the need to cover myself completely- I am not defined by my body.

I was bullied all through puberty for the size of my boobs, told to wear a sports bra and pushed around by other women.

I am involved in this campaign as I already identify as a feminist and believe strongly in the fierce importance of gender equality.