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By contrast, I am the only person I ever see in the women's locker room who is not awkwardly covering myself up with three towels while drying myself off. Ladies of xxfitness, how much skin do you see in the locker room?

Are the women of my gym weird, or am I just a budding nudist? I just get naked to change. It is just a body. I am not going to go to great lengths to cover it up while I am trying to get into my clothes.

Nude locker room videos

But I'm not going to go around shaking my maracas in your face. I use a university gym with a couple swimming pools.

I'm certainly one of them, I can't rationalize using the clean towel I plan to dry myself off with to cover up my sweaty body on the way to the showers. And I'm sure it's easier to strip down when you're not the only rare butt walking around. I can't rationalize using the clean towel I plan to dry myself off with to cover up my sweaty body on the way to the showers.

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Full nude. Granted, I did varsity sports all through college and got used to showering in a group with my teammates, in one of those big open shower rooms. I am kind of the odd one out in typical gyms, but whatever. I'm not going to go back to high school style put-sports-bra-over-normal-bra-then-wiggle-out antics.

Army made me the same way. After showering for months with 60 other women, you lose all modesty in the locker room.

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When I was going to university gyms, nothing but towels. I'm one of the nudes not struggling to cover myself with the 12x6 towels provided by the gym. Oddly, I'm totally comfortably being completely naked, but I won't walk around naked. Standing by my locker naked is fine, but if I'm going to walk across the locker room I use a towel.

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Same boat. I consider it a common courtesy thing not to walk around completely buff, since I know some people get a little weirded out. My gym definitely has the full range - from doing the under-towel-shuffle to lounging around naked for hours seriously, there was a woman there totally nudie pants on the bench when I first got the gym Same but just a towel around my waist.

I do that at home as well though, so it's not a 'covering up' thing, more of a comfort thing. Samesies- I don't walk around unless I have a towel or shorts and a bra on. Same here.

It seems to be the norm at my gym--people don't really walk around naked, but most people also change out in the open by their lockers. I am a never-nude in the gym locker rooms. I change in the bathroom stalls. As someone who works in a pool and has to hose down the floors every hour, thank you.

It is pretty much the worst thing ever when I have to hose the floor and women stand up naked on the benches to avoid getting their feet wet. That puts sweaty vag right at face level for me. My workplace has a gym -- it's always seemed weird to me to get butt naked around people I work with. At public gyms, I don't care too much.

Work gym does have one lady who thinks nothing of standing in front of you she's at her locker, you're on a bench and giving you an eye-level view of her cooter. That's just a bit much for me.

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I feel like being naked is a different issue to where you put your eyes. I know I can't speak for others, but I have to say, if I noticed another woman glancing at me in that scenario, I might get self conscious. If I thought she was lesbian I'd probably be less self conscious assuming admiration rather than a critical look. Unless she did a slack-jawed stare I'd probably not jump to any nasty conclusions about her because a glance is nothing, people have to point their eyes somewhere.

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How naked do you get in the locker room?

Buahaha, I lost it at maracas. That's my philosophy too!

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